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Pick n’ Mix is the most flexible Viva Health Box we sell. Choose from just one type of supplement per month up to ten different types of monthly supplements per box, the choice is yours.

Pick n’ Mix works out to be cheaper for the same combination of supplements than any other box we do.  This is because unlike other boxes where we provide separately prepared daily pouches, with Pick n’ Mix, each type of supplement is provided in its own resealable foil pouch, so, choosing 2 supplements gets you 2 pouches, each with enough for a month; choosing 7 supplements gets you 7 pouches for the month and so on. It’s not quite as convenient, but we ensure that you have the choice.

Choosing Pick n’ Mix starts off with a base price of £5 per box, then add any supplement from the selections, each is individually priced for the total for a months amount of chosen supplements.

As you can see in the images, we have two different sizes of resealable sachets; the smaller purple one holds a months supply of smaller size supplements and the larger black one holds a months supply of larger size supplements. In the photo, this would be for a box of six different supplements for a month.

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- We strongly recommend using our Remote or Local Nutritionists for advice about diet, healthy lifestyles and taking supplements. -
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Important COVID-19

Important COVID-19 As a responsible business, due to COVID-19, reacting from government advice and client feedback, we've temporarily suspended trading. For all businesses, this is an unprecedented time and as a start-up we have decided to preserve cash so that we will be in a position to relaunch in a few months time. We will review the situation on a monthly basis.

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